Half Ass

I really dislike when people say they are going to make a commitment and don’t follow through. With that being said, I believe I began this blog prematurely. I did not plan on the time that I feel I need to put aside to focus on each post.

To quote Ron Swanson “Never half ass two things. Whole ass one thing” (Parks and Recreation – If you don’t watch it, you should start NOW)

So I will begin this blog again in the near future where I can whole ass this blog and put all of my energy into it!

Happy TV and Film watching!


Sons of Anarchy – Black Widower

I will start off by saying it is really hard to remember every single detail of what occurred in the last season of these shows with 9 months between seasons (aside from the huge events that occur). WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. I believe everyone has their own valid opinions, and I try to see the good in every show/film I watch and there is always different reasons as to why people like or dislike different programs. I will present both sides of each episode or film that I watch.

You will enjoy this episode if:

– You care about inter-club relations and deal making in lengthy scenes discussing it.

– Seeing Juice naked.

– Marilyn Manson work his acting chops as the leader of a Neo-Nazi gang in prison.

– Watching strippers and porn stars as a crowd filler for a party scene.

– A lot of bloody/gory violence.

– Seeing the club united and subtly professing their love for each other.

– Interesting cover of Bohemian Rhapsody.

– Jax finally accepting his life in the club, and no longer pondering his morals.


You will dislike this episode because:

– Bad CGI.

– Sluggish pace

– No explanation or display of certain plot events (why Juice is afraid the club is going to kill him, no display of the event as to why they are interrogating the black gang in the beginning)

– You wanted any satisfaction for Tara’s murder.

– You wanted Jax to find out about Gemma’s actions.

– You like the show to provide a new threat/motivation for the season to push forward.

With this new season, we see Jax seemingly accepting the dark side of who he is. He is not obsessing over morality or worrying about the future of his family anymore. Revenge and the club is his life now. He mourns quietly but acts bloodily to settle the debt of his wife’s murder. Gemma has chosen the perfect scapegoat in her eyes to cover her ass. Gemma believes what happened to Tara was horrible, and that if she is gone, the family will be left with nothing. However she refuses to acknowledge that the family is in this state because of her actions.

The episode contains everything essential for the series:

– Beginning and ending montages with an emotional song (while characters partake in everyday life and club activities, severe violence and setting up future plot).

– Gratuitous violence and sex (Pastors’ orgy and murder) and hopefully necessary violence that will further the narrative in this final season (Jax beating the s*** out a jailhouse rat in jail, torturing and murdering an innocent Chinese gang-member who Gemma blames for Tara’s death).

– Gemma’s delusional lies she tells to herself and others to cover up her actions.

– Table meet with the club to declare their love for each other (As a viewer, I still can’t decide if this whole series has been a dysfunctional relationship or if there is something real to it).

Season premieres are meant to grab your attention, and unfortunately, this just did not (for me). Sons depends too much on the slow and steady pace for the 6-7 episodes of every season, and then reeling you in with the good for the last 6-7 episodes. After watching this episode, I am only interested in:

– Why is Juice hiding from the club? What happened last season that they would want him dead? (Could be from the 9 month break and I can’t remember – Except that he killed Eli. The episode should have included that bit in the Recap of the previous season).

– That poor innocent Chinese gang member being tortured and murdered for Gemma’s crime. I will say that I was squirming in my seat watching that scene.

– PLEASE DEAR GOD! Let Jax find out that Gemma killed Tara.

– Why would Unser go back to Wendy’s and go straight to the closet if he was already suspicious of Juice hiding there? SEARCH THE APARTMENT FIRST UNSER! I THOUGHT YOU WERE SMART! (However, this is the only part of the episode that pushes the narrative forward for the season)

– Is Jax going to truly feel avenged after his retribution for Tara’s death?

My bet is that they are going to take all season to reveal Gemma’s actions, as they do in every season and it should just be interesting to see what they do for filler until then. Since this is the final season as well, I am still trying to think of how they will tie up the whole series. Will they pull a Breaking Bad and end it amazingly or pull a Dexter and make the series for nothing. We shall see!

It was previously mentioned that I would write a paragraph or two, but it is very hard to do with a 90 minute episode. I am holding back a lot of what I would like to really write, because I could honestly write an entire 50-page essay on this show, but even I do not have the attention span to read that much about it.

I am off to see Let’s Be Cops at the theatres tonight because everyone enjoys a harmless comedy where you do not expect much from it! Happy Sunday!

Let’s start at the beginning…

I watch a large amount of television and film. The amount that only a single young woman without kids can watch. I have a bachelor’s degree in Film Studies, but television grasps my attention just as much, maybe even more! As the return of fall television and movies (Oscar & Razzies worthy) are coming, I am starting this blog! After I watch an episode of any show or a movie, I feel the desire to write an essay, however I will restrain myself to a simple paragraph or two. I do not fancy myself a know-it-all when it comes to the TV/Film medium, I just believe I have a more open mind when it comes to spectatorship.

Tonight it begins with Sons of Anarchy, and so I will report back in the following days with my thoughts!